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Watauga Lake House Rentals on Watauga Lake Tennessee - Lake House Rental
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About The Lake Front Lake House Rental

The dream of the House on Watauga Lake vacation rental in Butler, Tennessee, began over 10 years ago. I had built the Iron Mountain Inn, a mountaintop log home as a bed and breakfast in 1997-98, and then the Creekside Chalet, a log cabin nestled between the mountains and the creek in about 2000.

The Chalet is a chance for families with children and travelers who want to include their 4-footed family members in their vacation, while the Iron Mountain Inn is a romantic getaway, or a respite from busy lives. The Inn promises “Pampering Perfected”. The Chalet promises only the deer and turkey will know you are home”. With two log homes secluded among the forest and mountains, a house on the water at Watauga Lake, TN would round out the experiences visitors enjoy in “the quiet corner” of the Northeast Tennessee Mountains.

Periodically I would drive around looking at properties, but nothing was quite right. Then one evening after having supper at a local grill, I happened to be driving along one of the lake shore roads when I noticed a “For Sale” sign. I stopped, got out to take down the phone number with the idea to call the next day. But since there was a car parked on the edge of the road, I also parked and walked down to the edge of the lake where the owner of the land was installing a very large second sign along the waterfront.

We chatted a few minutes and then I asked the price. He told me, I made him an offer, but he had to discuss it with his sister who was part owner of the property. We shook hands on the deal and as I was leaving, I asked if he wanted earnest money. He said no, a handshake was enough.

In a few weeks, I met with the owners, signed a sales contract and was the proud owner of 1.43 acres of prime waterfront property on Watauga Lake. And the rest, as they say, is history.

After many setbacks with the original builder I was finally able to hire Rudy M. who signed a contract in March and had the House on Watauga Lake ready for guests by June. He started with a pile of felled trees which needed to be burned, a cut-in circular driveway, a patio down by the lake, and a poured concrete foundation.

Since that June date families and groups of friends have come from as far away as New Mexico to as close as the marina next door for a special lake vacation.

I hope you will be our next guests!

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